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    Monitor Profile tests on drycreek web site reveal bands of yellow


      I have been looking at drycreekphoto on the his test sites where he shows monitor profiling charts of gray to test luminance and grayscale.

      On the MONITOR GAMMA: I see yellow cast on the top bar about 1/4 and 1/3 from the left, on the bottom bar I see yellow band about half way across.

      On the LUMINANCE SENSITIVITY: I see yellow cast bans above the RGB values of 95 and 111.

      I have now Spyder3 Elite, have run many calibrations because the suggested settings do not work. My settings are

      Temperature is set to D5800
      LUMINANCE: Black point 0.2 white point 86.0
      WHITE POINT: Black 0.326 White 0.321
      DeltaE lab: White point 0.5 and 50% gray 0.2
      Gamma is 2.21

      On my photos I sometimes have to reduce the Yellow ink by up to 3 or 5% in the cmyk because the RGB values on my photos sometimes reveal less Blue in neutral gray areas not to mention other coloured areas of the photo, Strange thing is that Whites look white. i have perfect numeric values here, and the visual quality of the whites apeaer spot on.

      Hallo once again Lou and Jay. i have read other posts but could not find any more info about my situation. And to others that may reply, thanks, I appreciate this. the last 4 weeks has been an incredible learning curve, I thought I knew enough until I started to profile my own system.

      kind regards

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          Lou Dina Level 3
          Have you tried the free trial of ColorEyes or BasicColor? See if that solves the problems you are having.

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            Level 1
            Hi Lou, sorry, I am back again. No I received an upgrade to the elite from datacolour. It is so much better. I actually have very close matches indeed, except on one of the canon's papers. I did look at the web sites that you suggested and even signed in, but after further communication with datacolour they offered me the elite product for free.

            There has certainly ben an improvement. probably because I am working with exact numerics and not relying on a simple luminance bar, I am able to ignore the spyder's constant recomendations and choose my own values. Even though I am constantly told by a little marker that my ambience is too high all the time, my present settings work well.

            I was just exploring another possibility because of what I saw on drycreek. I did not know what 'normal' was, but I figured that maybe this subtle yellow tint that I see in the midgrey area of his bar is not supposed o be there. this would indicate a problem with my screen I thought. But hey, then why are my whites registering great in numerical values and aesthetics?