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    settings in color management VISTA

      I am using a new Dell3007WFP und NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT with Windows Vista. Images display with a yellow tinge when I open them in Photoshop CS3 (or Windows Photo Gallery).

      They do not have the yellow tinge when viewed on a Windows XP box or other tools on Vista (Corel Snapfire, Windows file browser).

      The problem is clearly illustrated at http://s54.radikal.ru/i143/0808/c2/e56c95257436.jpg

      In the screenshot the same image is open in Photoshop, MS Paint, Windows Photo Gallery, and the Windows file browser.
      New monitor profile I make with ColorVision Spyder2.

      Interesting is when I proof colors in PS and to choose Monitor RGB colosr then is ok.
      The problem is clearly illustrated at

      Please help! This problem is driving me insane.