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    Converting CMYK images from coated to uncoated colorspace

    Tarun Chopra

      I have a CMYK image assigned with a Fogra 39L profile for coated substrate but the image needs to be reproduced on uncoated substrate based on Fogra 29L profile.

      What will be the correct way of converting an image that's in Fogra 39L (coated) to Fogra 29L (uncoated) colorspace?

      Will these 2 methods of conversion result is exactly same result:

      a) Convert the CMYK (39L) to RGB (Adobe 1998) and then convert it back to Fogra 29L (uncoated) colorspace


      Converting the Image directly from Fogra 39L to Fogra 29L

      What should be the correct way of handling these kinds of conversions, where input data is already in CMYK colorspace?