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    Our Pantone RGB has changed - help?

      Basically weve had a major restructuring here and the new management in charge has decided to rebrand us to make us have our own look different from our father company *shakes head* - a whole other story lol. Anyway most of the colors have remained the same. After giving the presentation team some of our new image changes they informed us that the blue in our images didnt match the blue they had on their power point. Note that it wasnt just a little off our blue was much lighter than theirs. It seemed to actually be a tint of the same 294 (solid coated). When we checked the RGB breakout of the color, sure enough it was completely different.

      The weird thing is if you open one of our old images the correct or at least the RGB values we were originally given come up and 294 is listed there plain as day but in a darker shade. But if you open up 294 solid coated in CS3 it pops up as a completely different breakdown and visible color change.

      Does this have anything to do with our workspace settings or color settings maybe being different in CS3? Im not sure how to fix this or why the color would appear to be so different.

      Here is the old RGB breakdown - what we were originally given : 0, 53, 128

      New RGB breakdown in CS3: 0, 85, 150

      Does anyone have any ideas?
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          It has everything to do with your Color Settings. The RGB breakdown you get for a particular spec'd PMS color will depend on the RGB working space and the rendering intent, and to a lesser degree, the conversion engine used. Anything destined for PP should be in sRGB, but your corporate colors destined for print will either be the Pantone inks themselves or the closest CMYK equivalent, which will change according to where it's being printed.