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    How to set up a csf file in Bridge from my printer-supplied icc?

      We are a small magazine sending PDF files to a printer out of state (printing on a heat-set web press with a newish stocatto system). We are PC using CS2.

      We have gotten inconsistent color from our printer using Adobe recommended color settings in CS2, and so our printer has just supplied us with their icc profile. I have loaded it in all apps but do not know how to load it into Bridge so that Bridge says all is synchronized. I have asked our printer for a csf file but they do not have one or know what I am talking about.

      Do you have any suggestions? Can I make my own csf file using the new icc profile?
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          Gernot Hoffmann Level 3

          the best place for defining color setting files is IMO
          Photoshop by Edit > Color Settings.


          RGB: sRGB or AdobeRGB(1998) (may be called aRGB).
          CMYK: SWOP or ISOCoated or the profile as supplied by
          your printer.
          Grayscale: Dot Gain 20% (for Coated) or for instance
          Black Ink ISO Coated, which is derived from ISOCoated.
          Never a 'Gamma'.
          Spot: widely uncertain, use Dot Gain 20% or Black Ink
          ISO Coated.

          The settings can be saved in Photoshop by an understan-
          dable filename, for instance by:

          In Bridge simply load this file for synchronisation,
          especially if local settings in Photoshop, InDesign or
          Illustrator were changed.
          For Acrobat I would rely more on actual local settings.
          For instance, a document's output rendering intent can
          override working spaces.

          Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann