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    PDF Export Image Greying?

      Hello All -

      I've been experiencing a problem concerning exporting a file out of Indesign CS3 as a pdf. The color for the most part is accurate (enough) - but the real problem is an almost "wash" of white or grey over top of images. I am experiencing this type of thing on both psd and jpeg formatted files. The "wash" I am referring to is like putting a block of white over an image and screening it back to 10% or so. This appears when I open the file in Acrobat but not in Preview, however.

      Has anyone experienced this before? Any possible solutions?
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          If we're talking Acrobat Pro then try enabling 'Output Preview' and
          choose a simulation profile that matches your intented output.

          Alternatively you can set a suitable output intent from InDesign
          when generating the PDF (look under 'Output' > 'PDF/X' in InDesigns
          PDF Export Preset). Then you don't have to set it in 'Output Preview'
          in Acrobat because it's done automatically.

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            One of our iMac's developed exactly the same problem seemingly overnight. 


            2010, 21.5" iMac

            OS X 10.6.

            running VM Fusion, windows 7 on 2nd Screen.

            Adobe Acrobat Pro 7 on both machines


            Images were barely visible and ghost-like in Acrobat Pro 7 on both environments but were fine in Preview and Adobe Reader. Tried everything down to re-installing  and came up with nada.  After pulling my hair out for over a week i eventually somehow discovered that by toggling the 'overscan' feature on the iMac in System Preferences > Displays solved the problem.  Don't ask me how, or why.


            Hope this works for others too.