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    Profiling destroys Adobe RGB in Vista

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      Since switching to an LCD monitor, I have a curious problem. When I use a calibrated profile, the AdobeRGB color space is whacked. True red appears as pumpkin orange. Other colors seem fine. In Lightroom, the library view shows the red shift - reds are orange. In the develop module, using the prophoto colorspace, reds appear as expected. Same in PS. If I change the color settings to use ProPhoto RGB, red is red. However, the problem still remains in LR - reds are orange using the profile. I am not using a custom monitor driver - just the windows PnP driver (some research indidcated the vendor's driver could cause a problem). I've tried just about every manner of driver combination possible, and always get the same end result. Logically now, I have to believe it is some problem with Vista, or my video card. My setup is: Vista 64, Nvidia 8500 GT, PS CS3, LR2, Samsung 240T monitor, EyeOne Display2 puck. I've checked and double checked that I am using current drivers for the puck, the most updated version of the software, etc. This has occurred with more than one monitor, btw. Any help would be most appreciated. I am currently using my puck for a doorstop.
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          I have the same problem using windows XP, but only since I installed an Eizo monitor with Spyder calibration device. All was fine before with the old monitor. Have you found a solution yet as I am at a loss as well.
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            Lou Dina Level 3
            Hmmmm....very strange. I don't run Vista. I'm using WinXP and a Samsung LCD and have no problem at all. I'm using an Eye One Spectrophotometer, and use both ProfileMaker and EyeOne Match. Get a great profile with either software package.

            Is JUST Adobe RGB wacked? How about sRGB, ColorMatch RGB, ProPhoto RGB, etc? If it is just Adobe RGB, it makes me wonder if that profile is corrupted or something. Are the correct profiles loaded in the correct folders?

            Have you removed Adobe Gamma Loader from your system? I'm not sure it is a problem, but you want to be sure you don't have a conflict, or more than one loader in your system.

            If your software has an advanced and basic mode, have you tried both? Worth checking.

            I'd also download the diagnostics for your profiling devices and make sure they are operating correctly. They probably are, but you can usually download a free diagnostics test to check (at least for the i1).

            Not very specific recommendations, I know. Just grasping for more info.

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              DOWNLOAD the AdobeRGB Photodisc PDI target image here

              open the file Photoshop

              (at this point I don't know if you are Honoring the embedded aRGB profile, Converting the file to another space, or Assuming your working RGB, but make sure the file remained untouched and is in the aRGB source space)

              does the problem duplicate here?

              how about Image> Proof Setup: Monitor RGB?

              you may have a defective puck...or a monitor that conflicts with custom profiles...try setting a fresh sRGB profile as your monitor profile (to rule out the custom profile)


              the EZIO may or may not be a high-gamut model that could explain increased intense red saturation issues, but it is hard to hazard a guess with your info
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                jdkraft Level 1
                Well, that was easy enough. Because I never noticed the problem until I had changed the OS and gone to Vista 64, I was convinced the problem must have been sofware-based.

                However, I recently had to reinstall XP on the machine, and found that the problem persisted. That gave me a very strong clue that maybe it was a hardware-related problem after all.

                Sure enough, I was finally able to buy a new puck, and the problem disappeared.

                Should anyone come across this or a similar problem in the future, just be aware that there are filters in the puck that can get out of alignment, and the puck can physically fail (this was a surprise to me).