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    Color Blind - Color Management help

      Hello all.. I was wondering if there was some utility out there that can tell me how to best match colors for design of sites? I am partially color blind and matching colors isn't possible for me. Is there a tool i can use that I specify 1 color, then it tells me all the colors that i can use to match to it properly?

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          Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
          Sorry for this uneducated shot in the dark. I know nothing on the subject. I'd just like to mention that Photoshop CS4 has two modes of Color Blind Preview: Protanopia and Deuteranopia. However, that may be the exact opposite of what you need, as they are designed to simulate how a color blind person might interpret an image.
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            (Andrew_Rodney) Level 1
            CS4 has a questionable new soft proof option for the color blind. There are two options that show up in View>Proof Setup. Might help.
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              PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional
              You want to create/use sets of colors that are nice to the eye?
              Kuler by Adobe, or colourlovers.com would be good places to do so.
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                MJOrts Level 3
                Hi Dog Lover!

                Have you had any luck finding information since your original posting?

                There are resources on the internet that offer those with normal color vision a glimpse at what colors a color deficient observer might perceive, but I haven't heard of any tools for doing the reverse...

                The actual in-the-brain process of color sensation isn't fully understood yet, so anything that simulates what someone with color deficiency might see is an educated guess at best.

                Check out www.colorhelper.com. There's a software product called the eyePilot that allows you to distinguish a single color apart from any others on a web page or other sources of visual media. I don't know how accurate it is, and I haven't tried it myself, but there's a trial version available so perhaps it could be useful.

                Your best bet would be to have someone you know with normal color vision check your web pages and give you feedback on what colors work well together. You can also check color coordinate values (RGB, Lab, etc.) on images in Photoshop by using the eyedropper tool and the "INFO" information window.

                Hope this helps!