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    Colour Management

      Hi I am afraid I am still working in Photoshop 6. Probelm being when I input a specific pantone colour into my file, it's values are converted to the values of another colour. I believe this is a colour management problem! Any ideas?
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          It's not a color management "problem". It's standard application behavior: if you choose a PANTONE color in a CMYK file in Photoshop, or RGB, it is automatically rendered according to the default CMYK or RGB profile chosen in the application's Color Settings. With very few exceptions, that alters the appearance of the PANTONE color itself from its intended one.

          If you wish to preserve the integrity of the original PANTONE color, you must use its Lab coordinates. You can do that in Illustrator and InDesign, even within CMYK or RGB files. But, in Photoshop, only working in the Lab color mode will preserve the integrity of all PANTONE colors.
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            the pantone color values have changed many times since version 6.

            the only way to be current is to run current software and even that goes out of date fast.
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              profiling question

              I have an opportunity to profile a press that will be running uncoated paper for my catalog. My profiling chart has some squares that have a density of 400%...the suggested max density for imagery on this kind of paper is 260%

              Usually charts should be printed as is...however, if left as is the squares (due to dot gain) may bleed out and ruin the other patches...and if converted to an uncoated profile, that
              may yield it invalid.. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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                (Marco_Ugolini) Level 1
                The TAC (Total Area Coverage, a.k.a. Total Ink Limit) of an output profile is independent of the TAC of individual patches in the testchart whose measurements are used to make it.

                TAC (as well as GCR, Black Start and other parameters) is specified within the profiling application before producing the final output profile from the testchart measurements.
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                  I see

                  I am using Eye one match and it doesnt give me the option of specifying these things
                  before I produce a chart. It just comes with an untagged tif to print. Can you suggest a work around?
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                    (Marco_Ugolini) Level 1
                    I use ProfileMaker myself, which does offer a choice of those parameters.

                    I do not have sufficient familiarity with EyeOne Match's output profile module to be able to offer advice.
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                      pfigen Level 1

                      You don't have to worry about the patches that are above what the ink limit will be. You don't make an adjustment before you print the target. You set those parameters when you build the profile - Total Ink, Black Limit, Black Start, Black Width and level of GRR/UCR. The profiling software takes all factors into account and computes the profile accordingly. It's actually good that the target has patches past where you'll need them. That helps in determining where the threshold for black detail is.
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                        I am just afraid that the ink will be so heavy that the dot gain will affect the integrity
                        of the reading...ya know, if one heavy patch bleeds into another.

                        I have profilemaker and can set the ink limit with a custom chart but it makes
                        a 2 page minimum chart and I have one page.
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                          (Marco_Ugolini) Level 1
                          You could select a smaller testchart -- one with a lower number of patches. The quality and accuracy of the profile might suffer slightly, but it may be worth the bargain.
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                            that would work fine but the minimum creates 2 pages...there is a one page chart there
                            in profilemaker but it wont change the ink limit.
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                              In ProfileMaker you can set TAC, of course, but if you are printing CMYK, doesn't your RIP include profile creation? If you're using ProofMaster, it includes a complete profiling module of which the results are even better and easier to achieve than with ProfileMaker.


                              Check out this article for a review: http://www.it-enquirer.com/main/ite/more/photo_print_rip/