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    CS/2 and CS/3 Color Bridge

      Hello, we are having the following problem. An agency is preparing an ad for us in Pantone 1805 CMYK using CS/2 Pantone Process Coated. The CMYK Breakdown is 1-91-100-23. When we bring it into CS/3 with Color Bridge as 1805, the CMYK breakdown is 5-96-76-21. Although it is close, its not exact. Will this problem be solved if the both parties used CS/3 Color Bridge? Its very frustrating as the two software versions are similar yet this is giving us some problems. Any help would be appreciated. I would think Pantone 1805 Uncoated would give the same results in any software on any computer. Many Thanks, Aristotle Zoulas, J&R Music & Computer World
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          John Danek Level 4
          The agency is using the standard Pantone Solid-to-Process Color conversion. For years the industry had relied on the Pantone CMYK equivalents until a few years back they reformulated the CMYK equivalents and named them "Bridge" ( which sounds like the version you have loaded in your swatch menus ). You should just create a new color swatch that matches their numbers. Had the agency used the Bridge numbers, you wouldn't have a color shift, and therefore wouldn't have a problem. It probably comes down to a branding color issue where they want 1805 printed the way it's always been printed since 1975...1c, 91m, 100y, 23k.