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    WLC icc

      which ICC profile i need for WLC (white-lined chipboard) paper/carton?
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          Gernot Hoffmann Level 3
          Such a medium (sometimes called media) is
          not intended for fine art printing.
          IMO it would be wasted time to generate a
          custom profile.
          Something 'uncoated' like
          Euroscale Uncoated v2
          US Sheetfed Uncoated v2
          depending on the region (but it won't matter)
          is probably accurate enough.

          For other readers: the surface of WLC is white,
          according to informations by Google.

          Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann
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            (Marco_Ugolini) Level 1

            At first I thought that your reply, formatted as it was as a poem, was a poem... ;-)
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              (drobnjak) Level 1

              thanks for your help,
              I think generating custom profile is not wasted time,
              but I would like to use some standard profile.
              Ok WLC is not for fine art printing, but it is necessary for printing package boxes. Customer want a contract proof.
              Offset press with WLC was give results between proofs with ISO Coated v2 and ISO Uncoated profiles from ECI. Visually it was much saturated then ISO Uncoated but less than ISO Coated v2. So, using `uncoated` like profile is not accurate enough.
              Sorry on bad English!
              Thanks, anyway!

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                Lou Dina Level 3

                Check out one of the Flexo printing associations. They specialize in printing on packaging, boxes, etc, and often use 8 or more color presses to meet customer requirements for special logo colors, etc. Who knows, perhaps they have a profile or two for the substrate you wish to print on. Here are a few links that may help.