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    Drag n Drop bounds through DragManager

      I am using a set of TextInput controls in a Box. These can be dragged to change the positions. I need to be able to specify the bounds on dragging so that these can't be dragged outside of the Box container. Not even the feedback icon and proxyImage to be shown once the mouse goes out.

      I don't want to drag the original control using startDrag() function because it moves the actual component behind others which were added later to the box. Something like Proxy is fine but I need the bounds on it.

      I am using DragManager but can't find an API to do this. I tried in smartGWT and they have a nice API like keepInParentRect(true) which will do this job. I am sure Flex would have something similar which i don't know.

      Can somebody help?


      - Zeeshan