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    Lenticular Printing

    Paul Cutler Community Member
      I have contacted some vendors about an upcoming project. It's going to be an 18" x 24" collectible poster for an event I'm working on.

      Do any of you have experience with lenticular and if so, any thoughts or tips?

      Or perhaps a suggested vendor?


      Paul B. Cutler
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          John Danek Community Member
          From what I gather, it's a very expensive option. The multi-image material is laminated, very nice effects. There is a local vendor here on the east coast, call Hazen Paper at 413/538-8204. They've done some impressive DVD covers and book covers for Disney.
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            Paul Cutler Community Member
            It's going to cost about $8 apiece for 1000 18" x 24" posters. So yeah, it's expensive. I'll look Hazen Paper up on the web - I have a couple of pretty good vendors here on the west coast that do a lot of work for the movie companies.

            I think the money is going to work out - we're still looking into that - so the design is going to be the big challenge. If I spend that much money it better be spectacular. I believe in myself so off we go

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              Neil_Keller Community Member

              I assume you mean 3-D art prepared this way. A couple of thoughts...make sure you see actual lenticular samples they've produced, and that they're to your satisfaction. Also, be sure that you have exact instructions for how they want the source images prepared and submitted, and that you see a proof.

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                Paul Cutler Community Member
                There's several effects you can achieve with lenticular and I am thinking 3D. The samples I received are outstanding or I wouldn't be going down this road.

                We shall see how it develops.

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                  Neil_Keller Community Member

                  Yep, in retrospect I recall also seeing samples of both 3-D and art change varieties.

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                    Mr. Met Community Member
                    Hazen looks like a paper wholesaler from the website.
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                      Paul Cutler Community Member
                      I have found a vendor who supplied me with some samples that saved this project. It's fiscally taxing so it was off, until I showed the money men these. Outstanding stuff.

                      For future reference it's big3d.com. They are based in Fresno CA.


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                        Mr. Met Community Member

                        Paul: Thanks for the lead. I checked out the site and got in contact with them.

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                          Paul Cutler Community Member

                          Cool. I just put my file on their FTP site so now it's time for crossed fingers.



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                            Mr. Met Community Member

                            It's considered bad form to advertise on the forums and may even violate terms of agreement, IIRC.

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                              levonk Community Member

                              Paul, how did your posters turn out?

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                                Paul Cutler Community Member

                                We scaled it down to 6"x9" due to financial considerations. The bosses loved them and the level of dimension that can be achieved now is truly amazing. Really fun.


                                I am currently working on another 3D piece  - I have a little more time with this so I have presented a few options: zoom, flip, 3D, action.



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                                  Muqtada Khalid

                                  try out http://www.printingblue.co.uk for your poster printing, they are cheap and on the top free design, free redesigns, free lamination, free shipping and no VAT charged.

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                                    Hi Paul,


                                    I am a supplier in Lenticular printing in Los Angeles, CA. We have been in the lenticular business for over 15 years. We have done quite a range of 3D Lenticular posters for movie studios, restaurants, and various businesses.  From large signage to smaller tent POP displays, we work with our customers to realize their vision for their promotional projects. We also offer very competitive pricing, with low minimums. Currently, we are members of ASI, SAGE, and Distributor Central and at the forefront of anything and everything lenticular.


                                    Please visit my website at www.lenticularpromo.com to view a sampling of our products and images. Please don't hesistate to contact me directly if you have any questions. Thank you.


                                    Tim Harlee

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                                      Paul Cutler Community Member

                                      I just found out that PS CS4 has some rudimentary lenticular capabilitles. It can do interlacing for 3D but not flip or animation. That's pretty cool. Seems like it's time to buy some lens…



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                                        Yes, it is quite cool. We bought CS4 for our office and it works really great. It helps with the basic Lenticular printing.



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                                          We do CD and DVD replication but also lenticular printing for disc packaging. We are located in San Jose, CA.

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                                            Certainly don't want to violate terms of service but our company, http://www.world3d.com has been producing lenticular printing for 15 years and serves much of the market.  I won't plug it more than that but I certainly invite you to read up on our FAQs and to contact me (Greg) if you have questions! 

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                                                Tracer Imaging in White Plains, NY has

                                                done some awesome lenticular concert posters for Bonnaroo, Bob Wier, Rush, and others.  You can check them out at tracer1.com.



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                                                  lantorltd Community Member

                                                  Hi Alex:


                                                  Thank you for the info. Tracer is going after the large clients as they have offices in several major city. They create the artwork for there client's too.


                                                  I am a small business and working with the ASI Distributors as sales force.











                                                  25835 Narbonne Ave

                                                  Lomita, CA 90717


                                                  Tel:             (310) 530-1165

                                                  Toll Free:   (800) 530-7544

                                                  Fax:            (310) 530-1929

                                                  eMail: vjauch@lantorltd.com  sales@lantorltd.com

                                                  web: www.LenticularPromo.com

                                                  ASI Supplier web site at: www.asisupplier.com/66260

                                                  asi/66260   ppai/234581   sage/66987   UPIC/lantor3D SAAC   


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                                                  email and delete the message and any attachments.

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                                                    For printing to a lens over 60 lpi you need to go offset. You would need to get your plates by CTP as the make ready time will be the least. The mechanical pitch would be needed to be found out first or the flips would not be that good and sharp/smooth. You software should guide on that. A UV press is essential and must be in good condition.I have  found the software extremely good. The new version that they showed in Drupa is even better and more user friendly.


                                                    Techstore are specialists in a range of

                                                    Printing Services.



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                                                      I have been getting good results with my Epson 9000 which I have rebuilt and aligned myself to very good condition. I made a 36 x 60 inch lenticular last year for the Artprize and had good results. While I have limited time to teach I would be

                                                      very happy to print for you. Let me know.  Alex Myrhorodsky. You can run a search on me for my address. I am the only one.

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                                                        Hi there


                                                        We do Lenticular printing. Happy to talk to you.


                                                        3D and Animated Lenticular Printing is now affordable and reliable!


                                                        NO GLASSES REQUIRED!


                                                        We work with clients all over the world. We are based in the Hollywood Media District in California USA.


                                                        We have 25 years of experience with 3D and Animated pictures for print and lightbox display media.


                                                        We know what works and what doesn't.


                                                        We guide you in the core art direction so that your image will be of maximum, cutting edge, industry quality.


                                                        An image that will get you more clients and or sales!


                                                        Our services also include:


                                                        • 2D to 3D conversion
                                                        • Digital Array
                                                        • Large Format 3D and Animated Photography


                                                        From Autograph cards to large corporate and trade show display.


                                                        Meredith Day





                                                        For info. or samples contact:


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                                                          This is a very important issue, as there is no point skimping on the lens type as you will ultimately be disappointed with the results achieved.

                                                          Listed below are rough guidelines, though as this is such a complicated and important point you would be best advised to discuss your specific requirements with a supplier you can trust.

                                                          San Diego Envelope Printing

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                                                            3D PHOTO PRINTER.


                                                            FOTO 3D LENTICULAR.


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                                                            Impresion Digital y Litografia Con Movimiento Animado.

                                                            Esta Pelicula Es Magica Desaparece las Imagenes.

                                                            Aplica para Tecnicas de Diseño Grafico Impreso.

                                                            Este Metacrilato 3D Puede Dar La Ilusion de Profundidad.

                                                            Para Crear Efectos Visuales Tridimensionales en Graficos.

                                                            Es un Sistema Interactivo,  que Entrelaza 2 o 3 Imagenes.

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