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    Converting WebHelp to HTMLHelp

      In RoboHelp Office X5, when I convert a particular WebHelp project to HTMLHelp, the output appears minimized in the task bar. I am unable to maximize or view the file. However, I can open the file from the !SSL! folder. The main topic frame shows frame scrollbars -- which is weird, because the outer Help shell also shows scroll bars, too.

      I am unable to activate, view, close, or in any way manipulate the file. It is completely frozen.

      Furthermore, I have to close the file through the Windows Task Manager.

      Any suggestions or solutions?

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          MergeThis Level 4
          Sounds like you're either working over a network, you didn't install RH with Admin rights, or you're importing Webhelp output files into a new project and trying to generate HTMLHelp.

          Either is doomed to failure.

          You can "open" and "close" the file, but you can't "activate, view, close, or in any way manipulate the file"? Huh?

          Hmm... maybe a Trojan horse. Ha! Get it? Iliad? Troy?

          Good luck,
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            IliadFan Level 1
            Thanks for your help.

            My working folders ARE on the network. So here's what I did:
            I reinstalled Robo X5.
            I move the troublesome project to my desktop.
            I purged the WebHelp folder and the !SSL! folders.
            I removed all unused files.
            ...and I still can't use the .chm file.

            To clarify:
            When I compile, the .chm opens, minimized in my taskbar. I can't view it, maximize it, or close it. However, I can open a second copy by double-clicking the .chm file in the !SSL! folder. While this second copy opens, it immediately locks up. I can't click anything, resize it, minimize it, close it, or anything else. I then have to close both copies via the Windows Task Manager.

            If you are interested, I can provide a screen shot of the output or send you the .chm.

            I'm not sure how to install Robo with Admin rights. I didn't see any options.

            Thanks for the tips. I appreciate your time to help me. I only wish they had worked!

            John Lemon
            jlemon01 at hot mail dot com

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi all

              Another reason this could be occurring is because of an odd window attribute. You might want to try expanding the Windows pseudo folder, then deleting any HTML Help window definition you find there. (WebHelp windows have a little globe icon and CHM windows are a square frame)

              Then re-create a new window for your .CHM output and assign it as the default window. Recompile and see how things go.

              Cheers... Rick
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                IliadFan Level 1
                Okay. I've figured it what's going on.

                1. Open RoboHelp and click the Project tab.
                2. In the Windows folder, double-click the project’s window icon.
                3. In the Window Properties form, click Advanced Properties.
                4. In the Advanced Windows Properties form, click the Styles tab.
                5. Clear the Popup check box.
                6. Close out of the various forms, and then recompile the project.

                Viola! Problem solved! Hooray!
                Now I’m left wondering how, when, and why I selected that check box to begin with…

                Leon and Rick,
                Thanks for your attention to my problem.