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    CF and Active Directory

      Well, I've looked through your forums and there doesn't seem to be a standard way to do this. I want to execute ADSI calls through coldfusion. I realize the calls cannot be made directly from CF (correct me if I'm wrong), so I need to use some external dll/COM object that has the functions I'm looking for. I found ntadmin.dll that was created/modded back in 2001, and if anyone has the VB source for that I'd be much appreciative. All the links are dead I've found online. The version of the DLL I have just doesn't work that well....the calls I'm trying to use either weren't implemented in it or are just plain broken.

      I realize that through cfldap you can modify AD fields like changing a home directory or changing a password, but I want to do more powerful functions like deleting users from groups (without looking at the group structure, copying it, doing a modification on the array, deleting the group, and readding it without the user I wanted to delete) or moving users from one container to another.

      How do most people do things like this from CF? There is the option to call adsi.exe via dropping to a shell from the script, but I think everyone would agree that's pretty heinous. Has anyone written a (current) wrapper in VB or has a well documented DLL I could grab?

      Thanks in advance,
      Alex Lanstein