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    long delay after F10 "full  motion" stop

      I am new to Captivate and am recording a movie in Word where I need user to see continuous movement of mouse cursor as I point to different things in the Word document. I am also using continuous audio while recording to movie. The problem is that when I hit the F10 key to stop the full motion animation I get a delay of about 20 seconds before the movie ends, even though I quickly hit the End key after hitting the F10 key. The full motion movie created is about 9MB and about 4 minutes long but with a long delay of at least 20 seconds with no action at the end of the movie. It's almost like my hardware is working to stop the animation and end the movie but it is taking 20 seconds to stop the full motion recording and ending the movie. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I am using a laptop with a Celeron M 1.5 GHZ computer. Is my hardware the problem?

      Adobe technical support has had me reload the Captivate program several times with no luck.

      Any suggestions?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi jeffreysw

          Now that the links have all been patched up for future users, we can take a stab at actually answering the question. See how this works to hinder the process?

          Sounds like you are recording one long and humongous slide that is all full motion. This isn't the way Captivate is intended to work. If this is what you desire, you are probably better off using Camtasia Studio.

          In Captivate, full motion should be limited to short clips such as dragging a window from here, dragging a scroll bar, etc. Things that take just a few seconds to accomplish. I'm guessing the delay is caused as Captivate writes that video clip to the hard drive.

          Cheers... Rick
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            jeffreysw Level 1

            Hi Rick,
            Apologize for the cross posting, I am a little new at this and have been a little frustrated causing me to venture into many avenues to correct this problem.

            I think I know better understand Captivate's functionality description is not meant for full motion recording, however, I still would like to know when is it appropriate to use the F9 and F10 full motion capture buttons? Is this for short flash animations or short animated gifs? Just curious where the full motion feature is best applied.

            Appreciate your help and quick response.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi again Jeff

              As I indicated in my earlier post, full motion in Captivate is brief. For example, say you are recording WordPad (this example is taken from the official Captivate training curriculum).

              You record dragging across a sentence to select it. This is just a few seconds long and ends up as full motion. You then click the color pallete to change the color. This results in a static slide. You choose the color. Another static slide. You step off to show the color change. Another static slide. Now you scroll the document to view the text at the bottom. Another full motion slide as you drag the thumb of the scroll bar. Then you select multiple lines. Another full motion slide as you select the lines. Then you click the icon to apply bullets. Static slide. Then step off the selected text to reveal the bulleted text with no highlight. A final static slide.

              With Captivate, it is the combination of static and full motion slides that provides the illusion of fluid movement.

              Hope this helps... Rick