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    Dreamweaver CS4 and Version Cue

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      I am currently using Web Premium CS3. One of the coolest things about it is Version Cue. Currently I use WebDav folders to check-in and check-out pages to and from Version Cue. It's not perfect, but it does the job. I was hoping CS4 would perfect Dreamweaver and Version Cue, but I see they integrated with Subversion instead.

      I want to upgrade to CS4, and I could still use DW and VC as I am. But I want to take advantage of being able to add version comments when I check-in. I would need to swich to Subversion to do that. I'm not overly excited about having to move all my projects over to Subversion from Version Cue.

      So, does anyone know if their are any intentions of integrating Version Cue with Dreamweaver so that I don't have to move all my projects to a new versioning system?
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          I would reccommend you mvoe to SVN for dreamweaver and keep VC for photoshop etc..


          there are several good free hosted svn services online such as OPENSVN.


          alternatively look at setting up SVN locally and then subscribe to a free file store service such as My Dropbox which will then in realtime sync all files and folders its told to sync. so for example if you point it to the REPO folder for the local SVN install you can literally install the drop box client on another machine with Adobe DW and sync down the file changes...