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    Flip Bar Chart V Order?

      Is there a simple switch I can set that produces a bar chart with the bar vertical order matching that of its dataProvider?

      I need to show the bar chart next to the data, and would like to take advantage of the data grid column sorting. Problem is, the bar chart draws the bottom data row on top, and visa versa. Sorting the AC via the dataGrid changes the bar chart just fine, but it's always drawn in reverse order. If I programatically sort the AC to fix the bar chart, the grid resorts also.

      I'm toying with 2 seperate arrays and programatically mirroring the sorts, but it seams far more complicated than it should be.
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          Ham0 Level 1
          Never found an easy solution to this. If there is one I'd still like to know.

          How I solved this...

          Clone the dataArray and the AC (note a pointer to the original source won't work).
          Use the cloned AC as the chart's DP.
          Over ride the default grid sorting with a custom sort routine that mirrors ascending/decending on both arrays.

          Major pain and seriously bloats the project. If there really isn't a switch for bar chart order, there REALLY needs to be one.

          This was also complicated by my inability to capture the ascending/decending value from default dataGrid sorting.

          And further complicated by the inability to assign sortFields to an array, which means no array methods can be used in construction.