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    Automating Cropping and Link Creation

      Hi guys,

      Every morning, I create a PDF from an Excel spreasheet. I crop each page a certain amount - every day it's the same measuerements for the same pages.

      After cropping the pages, I scroll up to my contents page. I then highlight each entry in the contents page, and choose to create a link, scroll to the page referenced, and then hit Create Link.

      As you can imagine, this very monotonous, and I was hoping someone could tell me how to automate the 2 process mentioned above?

      The amount by which each page is cropped does not change from day to day. As well as this, the contents page does not grow, and the poisiton of objects within the document does not change either, so I'm always setting the same content references to link to the same position within the document.

      Any help on this is very much appreciated