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    HTTP to PDF every hour

      Hi all, <br />I would like to create a WScrpit (VBS) or batch in Windows with Acrobat professional 8 to capture Websites in a job every hour. In best case it would be great if some one has an example of a script or batch where I can save a URL to a PDF File like getURL("http://www.something.com", "C:\Temp\Something<Date><time>.pdf"); <br /><br />Thanks in advance <br /> Bonvie
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          Patrick Leckey Level 3
          Will you be initiating this process every hour, or do you need a solution that is completely automated?
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            I would like to initiate this process every hour from Windows.
            So just a batch for single URL to PDF would be great.
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              (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
              Is this for a server? Or will the file automatically be provided on a

              Aandi Inston
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                No it should be done by a workstation (client) that offers a share for some specific users.
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                  (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
                  I think that is in Acrobat terms acting as a server. This is shaky
                  ground: it is often held that the EULA doesn't allow this sort of

                  Aandi Inston
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                    Sorry, but what is acting as a server. It is just a achieve solution that is used in special cases.
                    But anyway what kind of licence/program version do I need to solve this. Or is it general not possible.
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                      (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
                      1. I am not a lawyer and I don't work for Adobe. But I do advise you
                      to check this, as the consequences of breaching an EULA can be serious
                      for a company.

                      2. If you automatically make a file available this sounds like you are
                      offering a server. Being a server is not about being a special kind of
                      computer, it's about automatically providing something (services,
                      data, information...) to other computers.

                      3. The reasons for limitations in the EULA are specifically to avoid
                      the case where a company buys one copy of Acrobat and sets it up to
                      automatically do work for a number of people who did not buy it.
                      Classic example: a server which receives Word documents and makes PDF
                      files. Adobe sell less copies of Acrobat, so they seek to prevent this
                      situation in their license, which you have to accept to use the
                      software. The restrictions are phrased rather generally.

                      4. The Acrobat license cannot be extended to provide a server version.
                      However, if everyone receiving the data has their own Acrobat license,
                      I have heard suggestions that this is acceptable.

                      5. My tip: if in doubt, pass this upwards or to the company lawyer so
                      someone else is accountable if this goes badly wrong.

                      Aandi Inston
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                        Ok, thanks I will directly ask our Adobe reseller. For the first step I would say we can skip the share and than we have no files available. For me, I am not a lawyer also, it than respects the EULA.

                        But do you or anyone have a solution or an example for this web capture script?
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                          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                          Are you wanting to duplicate what you can get with "File > Create PDF > From Web Page", or what you get with the doc.getURL() JavaScript method?