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    Batch Processing Recursively

      I have just started to play with the batch processing feature of Acrobat Pro v.6 on Windows.

      I wanted to update the "Title" info inside the "Document Properties" area for a bunch of files that get indexed by our search appliance. Our naming convention is like this...


      The first part before the ^ is to help a PHP script display the directory contents in a way we can control. The rest just uses "_" to separate words.

      I have a working script to turn the above into...

      "The Name of The File"

      In the Doc Properties area, just like I want, but to run this, I have to select each directory one at a time. Is there some way to run this batch option at a starting directory, all the way down the tree?

      I've been searching around and it looks like there may be third party apps available, but nothing built in. If that's the case, any recommendations would be appreciated.