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    Not a programming type; need quick help for current project

      I am helping a non-profit which is involved in a significant legal battle work with many thousands of e-mail messages for electronic discovery. While reasonably technically competent,I am not a programmer and don't have time to learn scripting, if that is the way to solve my problem.

      I am using Microsoft Outlook 2003 (full version) to manipulate the e-mails necessary for the discovery into manageable folders. I have Acrobat Professional 8, and am turning the e-mails into packages using the Acrobat properties/options that embed in Outlook 2003 when both pieces of software are installed. The resulting packages have about 1500 .pdf files that must be reviewed by the attorney to determine if any of the documents are privileged.

      My plan was that the attorney would review each package using Reader 8 and put an electronic yellow sticky on each document that was privileged so that we could go ahead and do the Bates numbering, but then be able to search on the sticky to pull out the documents into another package that would not be part of the discovery.

      Now, the flaw in my plan - each individual file created through my process must be opened in Acrobat and permission to use the commenting function in Reader set for each individual document.

      Because all the individual documents in the package will be open at the same time, could one of you marvelous linear thinkers out there give me a fix for this? There has to be an easier way than to open each of thousands of folders!!!!