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    Embedding a "Current Date" field in a pdf document

      To assure people work to the latest authorized version of a procedure, we let them access a protected pdf version on our Intranet. They can print a copy for use, but the copy is valid ONLY for the date printed, which is shown in the footer of each page. The "current date" field is updated when the document is opened by way of a Java script that reads:

      var f = this.getField("Today");
      f.value = util.printd("mm/dd/yyyy", new Date());

      (Obviously, "Today" is the field's name.)

      If a person were to open the same document three days later, that later date would be embedded.

      All this worked well when we were using Acrobat 5 and Reader 5. Now, to keep up with the times, we've upgraded to Acrobat 8 and Reader 8 on many PCs. However, the "current date" field still works for those still using Reader 5 but doesn't work for those using Reader 8.

      What I'm wondering is whether the scripting has changed for Acrobat 8. I can't find anything in the Acrobat support documents for Java scripting, but I may not know what I'm looking at.

      Jerry Holt