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    liveCycle Designer Script not working in Acrobat Reader 6

      So...I'm sure many of you have discovered that several of the functions in a Live Cycle Designer form either don't work, or in some cases, information that was entered in a field simply isn't displayed or disappears in previous versions of Acrobat Reader.

      The goal here is to fire off a script that checks the version of Acrobat in use and then fires off an app alert and closes the document or locks all fields (For the form opened in any version less then 8). Sounds simple right... so this was my first crack at that:

      I stuck this on the first page under the initialize event

      if ( xfa.host.version <= 7 )

      xfa.host.messageBox ("You will need Version 8 to use this form")

      When I open the document in Acrobat Pro 7, I get the app alert, the document doesn't close though.

      When I open the document in Acrobat Reader 6, no app alert, all I get are the standard acrobat errors telling the user some functions may not work, etc. What am I doing wrong here. Shouldn't I at least get the app alert? I read through the document that describes the changes you have to make in your javascript for a livecycle form...http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle/articles/AcroJS_DesignerJS.pdf I can't find anywhere that tells me I need to write different code for different versions of Acrobat.

      From what I understand the doc.closedoc event may not be enabled in some circumstances since 6 for security reasons. That's fine, but I still have stupid people opening these documents in versions that aren't compatible, adding text, or printing them only to find out fields didn't auto expand that should have...cutting text off.

      Any ideas here? I haven't even attempted to lock the fields since I can't even get an app alert to popup on Acrobat Reader 6.

      Please, some help??? I'm a bit frustrated at myself and adobe at the moment.