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    Pull field values, run IF THEN, then output results to another field

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      Can anyone help with with a code example for an Acrobat 9 Pro form in which I want to pull the value of a radio button in one section of a form and then output to a text field (read only) an entirely different value based on an IF THEN statement.

      I am new to Javascript as well as Acrobat 9 Pro. I've looked several places and tried several items and I am lost.

      Here is a cod snippet as an example of what I am trying to do...not that it works but the logic should carry through to whatever syntax some other Javascript guru may have.

      infopull = document.form1.field1.value // this is data from a radio button

      if (infopull == "AG")
      document.form1.field2.value == "$2.50" // this is a text field
      next statement on and on and on