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    Using Javascript to Duplicate Pages...


      I have a javascript program which Duplicates Pages while the file is open in Acrobat 8. It is accessible via the Document Processing/Batch Sequences Menu. What is causing the "Run Sequence Confirmation" pop-up window to display when I execute this program?

      Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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          Sorry, after doing a Knowledge Base search I found the answer to this question as part of the "Run A Predefined Batch Sequence":

          1. Choose Advanced > Document Processing > Batch Processing.
          2. In the Batch Sequences dialog box, select a batch sequence, and then click the Run Sequence button.
          3. In the Run Sequence Confirmation dialog box, verify that the sequence you selected is the one you want, and click OK.
          To prevent this dialog box from appearing in the future, deselect the Show The Run Sequence Confirmation Dialog option in the Batch Processing preferences after you complete this procedure.
          4. In the Select Files To Process dialog box, select the files that you want, and then click Select. (In Windows, these files must be in the same folder.)
          5. If a message asks for additional input for a specific command in the sequence, select the options you want and click OK.
          6. When the progress bar disappears, click Close.

          These instructions are available at the following weblink:

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Acrobat/8.0/Professional/help.html?content=WS58a04a822e3e50102 bd615109794195ff-7c52.html