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    Http Submit Form Button to New Window


      Does anyone know how to make a HTTP Submit Button open in a new window rather than the same window?

      I have a form that I need the user to print off as well as click a link so they can pay with Paypal. The problem is that if the user clicks the pay with paypal button before the print button, they will lose all of their data in the form.

      Here is the form if needed: http://staging.ebizresults.info/wsra-pdf/membership_flat.pdf

      Any help would be great. I am using Acrobat 8.

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          Patrick Leckey Level 3
          You can use app.launchURL(url, true); on the link, setting the link to run a JavaScript. This will cause the url parameter to open in an external window.
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            Somethings I forgot to mention. First, I'm fairly new to Acrobat, so I'm not really sure what you're talking about.

            Second, I imported HTML code into Acrobat to get the form. Then I opened the form in LiveCycle because I didn't know how to get the email buttons and submit buttons on the page. So, I am working with a flattened PDF.

            I'm not sure if this make a difference or not, but it's a button not a link.

            I still have the unflattened pdf available to me. Is it in my best interest to avoid flattening the file? If this is the case, any advise on making submit buttons and whatnot myself?