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    Embedding XML data file into PDF, and reading from it?

      Hello guys,

      Sorry, I'm new to here and new to the Acrobat and its scripting. So, maybe my questions will be a bit stupid, but please help. Thanks.

      So, here what I would like to do. I would like to make a class enrollment form for people, so that they can use it to apply for any class(es) they find interests at my centre.

      The old way to do it, is to send them a MS Word file, or a print-out, and they fill in whatever they like. The nightmare starts here, since there is no checking on Word, nor cannot control what people could fill in on their paper. People starts filling in whatever they like, e.g. class number that doesn't match the class name, and that class name doesn't belong to that time slot. And they even miss a digit of their phone number!

      I'm looking for a solution with Acrobat/PDF. And the picture I have in my mind is, to give people my enrollment form in PDF. And would like to embedded the class data (maybe in XML) in that same PDF, so that people won't loose a file and break the whole thing. And the PDF can use that class data to check if people have entre a class that's exist, and choose a date that's available...

      Anyone have or know any good tutorial for that? and on the scripting to do that? Any hints does help. Thanks

      (By the way I'm using Acrobat 8 and a LifeCycle the come with the installation.... )

      I know it is alot to ask, but please kindly help, Thanks :)