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    Script Soap

    (jerome_dinnat) Level 1

      I have an issue when I script to call a web service. There is a prompt that appears to authenticate the user but I want scripting the username and password.

      There are my variables :
      var secure = true;

      var oAuthenticator =


      Username: "administrator",

      Password: "password"


      and then the code to call the web service.
      var service = SOAP.connect(cWSURLliste);

      if (secure){

      service.authenticator = oAuthenticator;


      if(typeof service != "object")

      xfa.host.messageBox("Couldn't get WSDL object");

      if(service.invoke == "undefined")

      xfa.host.messageBox("Couldn't get webservicex.invoke Call");

      var param =




      What's worng with my code ?