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    OCGs managable in Reader?

      Hello, I am running some OCG property modifications via Javascript. I have created the document in Acrobat Pro 9. I want to view it in Acrobat Reader 9. It works in Acrobat Pro 9 but not in reader. I've transfered the folder-level javascript, I've rechecked my code...like 5 times. It is stopping when it gets to the object intent code for the OCG arrays. It just stops running the function altogether. Any ideas?

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          A quick check of the "Quick Bar" in the Adobe Acrobat JavaScript Reference shows the the 'setIntent' method is not available in Reader nor in Acrobat Approval.
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            Geo, Is there a work around? How would I get around this so that users of Adobe Reader can work with it? I am displaying layers based upon username. If this user then this layer. If that user then that layer. etc. Do you see of another way of doing this? Maybe with another function like backgrounds or watermarks?

            The only thing the layer contains is a picture. Can we get the pictures to display using another method other then OCG?

            Please advise.