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    New to Scripting - Metadata


      I am brand spanking new to Acrobat scripting, but I have DL'd the SDK zip files and the Acrobat 8.1 Docs on the subject and i am about to plunge in for a specific job.

      I would very much appreciate some guidance so I do not spend too much time covering parts I don't need at this stage.

      The job I have is a File server that contains about 40,000 folders of about 2,000,000 pdf files for the last 20 odd years of information. Unfortunately, when these pdfs were created either by scanning or from MS Office, the users were not aware of the importance of Metadata.

      Now, we need to organise all of these pdfs for a document managment service by our parent company, but as they have already done their pdfs correctly, they don't have a solution for us either.

      So here I am, trying to win brownie points at my company (and believe me if anyone needs brownie points, its me!!!).

      I'd like to develop a web front end in Dreamweaver that uses Javascript and vbscript to access either all of the files on the file server and pupolautes root metadata based on a couple of user inputs, or does them by directory or file name.

      Even if I made a scrpt that I could simply run and it would read the name of the file, pull out strings based on a table of criteria and enters that data in the metadata, that would accomplish much. In fact that small task on a small directory of pdfs to test would be a great start!

      So, if anyone can offer any help, I'd much appreciate it.

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          For the record, I am a fairly accomplished eveloper having developed web sites, witha dmin portals in VBScript and javascript, including uploading files, creating folders and files, and sending emails, etc. As well as general admin tasks. Here is a site I did with Dreamweaver that is almost all html and Javascript with only a bit of VBscript on the home page to handle a share-price update mechanism.


          I did the whole site myself, so know I can develop these things I need. I just need some guidance on using the Scripti9ng to access metadata, really. Perhaps some code examples of people who may already have done this. And how do I "run" the scripts? Through VBscripts? Or through Acrobat?

          Thanks again.
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            Patrick Leckey Level 3
            This is certainly possible in a variety of ways.

            If you are dead set on a web front end, you won't be able to use Acrobat (and the Acrobat SDK only automates Acrobat, it cannot be used without an Acrobat installation). For this, you would want to look at a product like Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator where you could refry your existing PDFs with new metadata gathered from a webservice.

            If you were to develop a single-user desktop application in VB or C#, then you could accomplish this with the Acrobat SDK.
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              I'm finding it difficult to locate help on using the Acrobat DOM from vbScript in an ASP page. I can create an Acrobat object and open a file, but what I want to do then is to watermark the pages, and I can see no methods to do this. There is a 'menu item' command, so I wondered if I can do it via that. I am using Acrobat 8 Standard.

              Does anyone know how to do this, or where I might find resources to help me?

              Many thanks.
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                Patrick Leckey Level 3
                > I'm finding it difficult to locate help on using the Acrobat DOM from vbScript in an ASP page

                That's because you can't. Please reader section 2.3 ("Server Use") of the Acrobat End-User License Agreement.
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                  Depressing news, PDL, but it saves me a fruitless search, so thanks.

                  Does this imply that I could achieve the desired result on a standalone PC? That would be a second best route, as at least I could upload the watermarked files once done.

                  Best wishes