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    invoice script. add gratuity, tax subtotal ect....

      can someone please help me out. looked eveywhere, found nothing... seems very simple for someone who knows a thing or two about acrobat... and javascript.

      we have a form that WE fill out for large groups eating in our restaurant.. and i would like it to automatically calculate gratuity (at 20%), sales tax (6.5%) make it visible on the form... and then subtotaled, (add the tax) and TOTAL...

      again, to make things clear. we have on the form: Item, Description, Price Each, Amount (needs to be calculated into formula), then under all that, we have the Gratuity line, the subtotal line, the tax line and then TOTAL

      can someone please help me out! i would GREATLY appreciate it!

      thanks again
      ps. this is my first post! be gentle!