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    Exporting FDF files using Acrobat Reader

      I have developed some forms using Acrobat Pro v9 that have buttons to save the data as FDF files using the exportAsFDF function and another button that saves the file as a PDF file with the new data.

      This has been done as we normally only save the FDF file to save space but need the PDF file with data if we are E-mailing it to a client.

      Both buttons work fine when used in Acrobat v9 but when a Reader enabled file is used in Adobe Reader v9 only the PDF button works. The FDF button does nothing when it is clicked.

      I assume that this is because the security settings on the exportAsFDF function prevent its use in Reader by default.

      Is there any way of enabling this function via Acrobat and the form so that the a user having Adobe Reader only can save an FDF file after editing the data?