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    Preventing use of Acrobat's navigation buttons

    Skempy Level 1
      Is this possible:

      I can assign a button name to a variable like this...

      var PUB = event.target.name

      I have a javascript run on page open which looks at this variable and then does something...

      app.alert(PUB ,1,0,"Button Name");

      When you use the navigation buttons to open the page, the variable PUB is undefined.

      Can I test for this undefined variable and then get Acrobat to return to the previous page, which would effectively disable the navigation buttons?

      Something like...

      myPage = this.pageNum; // from the refering button

      var PUB = event.target.name
      if (PUB == undefined){
      this.pageNum = myPage

      Its the " PUB == undefined " bit I'm not sure about.


      Simon Kemp