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    Moving and Printing PDF via JavaScript

    Seth McGraw Level 1
      I need to automatically copy files from a specific local ftp location, decompress, and print Letter to network printers. How can this be done via script?

      Working Scenario: At a specific time daily an FTP directory will be populated with ZIP files. After confirming completion of that population, we would like to copy the ZIP files to a local folder to be automatically decompressed (into a like named folder). The decompressed folder would then be relocated to an specific directory. The decompressed folder will contain PDF files that also need to be copied to a second directory. I also need to find a way to archive the compressed folders after confirmation of completion.

      I will be using Acrobat 8 or 9. If I need to be decisive for your purposes, let's go with version 9.

      I would like to use either windows explorer or a browser to copy from ftp, as the different locations currently do not use the same ftp software.

      Thanks in advance,