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    Get name from Outlook Global Address List and other info

      Hi, I hope somebody can help me. I'm new in Acrobat scripting so I need some more Help.

      I have a link that executes a script that will send an e-mail message.

      This is my script:

      app.mailMsg(true,"user1@hotmail.com","user2@hotmail.com","","This is the subject","This is the body of the mail.");

      I noticed that when executing this script, Acrobat opened the Outlook Global Address List to verify the e-mail accounts; which is great.

      Now, I'd like to know if there is a command that does this:
      1. (before opening Outlook new message window) Open a window asking for the recipient e-mail address.. with the possibility to get it from the Outlook Global Address Book
      2. Open a second window asking the same as above but putting the e-mail address in the "CC" field.
      2. Finally, the New Message window appears with the "to", "cc", "subject" and "body" fields filled.

      I'd really appreciate your help.

      Also.... is there any other command to get date and hour in a variable?

      Thanks :)