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    goto field and listbox color formats

      i've got two questions

      1. i've scripted a functional listbox (field2) that hides or shows fields depending on options selected ('yes' opens field2a, 'no' hides field2a) but depending the option chosen i want to 'go to' an appropriate field. example: 'yes' automatically goes to field2a, 'no' proceeds to field3
      as it is the 'yes' jumps to field3 and 'no' goes back to the top of the page. is there a command/script i can enter at the end of the 'if' and 'or' statement that will place the cursor in a designated field?

      2. the list box only shows as white text on a blue background. is there a way to make it show like a regular text box (black text on a white background)?

      any help is greatly appreciated!!

      ..joseph g