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    Combine PDFs into one PDF after selecting series of Check Boxes

      I'm trying to figure out the best way to set up a PDF so that the user of the PDF can select the PDFs he needs and then a script puts them all together into one PDF.

      For example, I'd like to split up a few choices (with the X representing a check box) like:

      X Allied
      X MAC
      X Cal Steel

      X FIG 7
      X FIG 25b
      X FIG 200

      Sway Brace:
      X FIG 077
      X FIG 410
      X FIG 078

      X Series 769
      X Series 717
      X Model 125SUL
      | OK |

      These are only a few of a long list to compile but you get the idea.

      The idea is that the user could select the type of pipe, fitting, sway brace, and valve that they need to combine into one packaged PDF and just hit the OK button. Then the PDFs needed would be taken from a directory on the network (F:\Design\Electronic Catalog)

      I assume some type of array would need to take place with the check box calling out the array it would need... but after many searches I haven't come across anything that describes what I'm looking for.

      Please, any help would be very appreciated. Or at least pointed in the right direction.

      p.s. I'm using Acrobat 6 Pro with windows