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    Combine *not merge*  PDFs in .NET (C#)  - help needed

      I am an Adobe Acrobat newbie!

      I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 8.1.

      I have hundreds of PDFs, most created with Acrobat 8.1, where I need to combine some of them into PDF "packages". Many are related to a specific topic, which relationship I can derive in code. In the end, I want to have a collection of "PDF packages" that will replace the current library of individual documents.

      Merge won't work, because some of the existing PDFs contain embedded XML forms.

      I know my way around .NET, prefer to work in C#, and would be very thankful if someone could provide me some sample code to get me started. At this point, I'd be happy just to figure out how to do this in C# using the API:

      1. Create a new PDF ("newPDF.pdf")
      2. Open "pdfOne.pdf" and drop it into "newPDF.pdf"
      3. Open "pdfTwo.pdf" and drop it into "newPDF.pdf" after "pdfOne.pdf"
      4. Save "newPDF.pdf"

      Has anyone else faced this problem? How did you address it? Would you mind sharing some example code?

      Many thanks and warm regards,