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    Submitted form emtpy under Acrobat Reader 9 (Mac OS X only)


      I have a problem sending a form by a submit button (also by scripting) to a webserver. I'd like to submit the form as a PDF (not FDF or anything else).

      I either used a submit button or code like below:
      > this.submitForm({ cURL: "sample.org/inbox", cSubmitAs: "PDF"});

      The submit itself seems to work fine, but the submitted form is not posted as a document, but only the request with empty body is sent.

      b This only happens on Adobe Reader 9 on Mac OS X!

      The same document sent on a Windows Adobe Reader 8/9 works fine and sends the entire document.

      This thread is related to http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b6abf5, but I now realized the problem appears only under Mac OS X and not under Windows.

      Did anybody make similar experiences or has a solution for the problem? Is it maybe a security thing?

      Thanks in advance