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    Highlight Fields, on open page

      Is it possible,with javascript,to highlight the fields in a form, on opening the document, without use the check box in the upper right corner 'Highlight Fields".
      This question has been asked by Lisa Fiacco, but no answer.

      Patrice Jousse
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          I use a light yellow fill color on my fields. On Blur the field is checked for content and if it has a value then the fill color is changed to transparent. On form reset, a button, it clears all the field values and resets the fill color back to light yellow. It is easy to effect whole blocks of fields if you use a heretical naming convention.

          // color for light yellow
          color.ltYellow=["RGB", 1, 1, 0.667];
          this.getField("myField").fillColor = color.ltYellow;
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            gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional
            For versions of Reader/Acrobat 6 or above one can add the following document level JavaScript:

            if (!app.viewerVersion < 6) { // for version 6 or above
            app.runtimeHighlight = true; // turnon field highlighting
            app.runtimeHighlightColor = color.red; // set field color

            For version below 6 you wll need to add code to loop throught the form fields and set a highlight color.