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    Set annotation flags for link annotations using JavaScript

      The JavaScript for Acrobat API Reference doesn't list Link as an annotation type[1]even if it's a subtype in the PDF specification (8.4.5 Annotation Types).

      I know how to get the link objects using JavaScript, but they don't have a print property, because it belongs to its mother annotation object.

      I have a scanned PDF, OCRed, with two links. Acrobat's content panels shows an annotation object with two links.


      >var annots = this.getAnnots();


      Any idea how to set the annotation flag to Print for a link annotation using JavaScript? (flag 3 aka Print is required for PDF/A)

      [1] http://livedocs.adobe.com/acrobat_sdk/9/Acrobat9_HTMLHelp/JS_API_AcroJS.88.20.html