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    values from fdf file not displaying when linked to web site

      I have a PDF form that I have created using the forms Toolbar in Acrobat Pro 8.

      I have created a corresponding FDF file with some data prepopulated.

      My intention is to create the fdf file with some information prepopulated, email it to our client, have them fill out or correct the rest and email it back to us.

      My issue is that in the FDF file I haf the /F flag set as follows:

      This works fine, however if I want to publish the file on our web site say:
      The form opens but non of the data get's prepopulated.

      I have confirmed that IIS is set up for anonymous access and that the account has read and read and execute permissions to the file.

      Does anybody have an Idea about what might be preventing the fdf data from prepopulating in the pdf form?

      Thanks in advance