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    Scripting help

      I am trying to import an excel spreadsheet and need the scripting for calculations. Adobe will not take the formulas from excel and import them.

      Does anyone know how to do this?

      Thank you,
      Connie Dougherty
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          Patrick Leckey Level 3
          Acrobat does not use the same scripting / calculation language as Excel. You would need to re-write your calculations in Acrobat using JavaScript or FormCalc (depending on how you're importing the form). There is no automated process for this.
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            so is there any information on how to do this? or is there someone that can do this for me?

            Thank you,
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              Patrick Leckey Level 3
              If you want someone to do it for you, this probably isn't the best place to ask. You'd want to look at hiring a consultant, say from Adobe Consulting.

              If you're looking to do this yourself, let's start with a few questions:

              1) Are you using Acrobat or Adobe LiveCycle Designer to design the form?
              2) Do you have any experience with JavaScript or FormCalc?

              One thing you will want to understand is that Acrobat is not Excel. It has not been designed as a spreadsheet application and may not have all the functionality you require, depending on what you need to do with your form.
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                I am using Acrobat Pro 9
                no i have never used either javascript or form calc.
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                  Patrick Leckey Level 3
                  What do you require your form to do? What is the complexity? Do you have a sample anywhere?
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                    I designed a expense report so employee can enter their names, department, and then i have 4 columns they would enter $$ in and at the bottom it would add it up. i also have 2 boxes for travel expenses, like airfare, car rental, gas ect. that would total everything in each box and then enter it in the columns where it says box A and box B. then at the bottom i have grand totals for each column.
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                      Patrick Leckey Level 3
                      In this case I would suggest you use Adobe LiveCycle Designer (it gets installed with Acrobat 9 Pro, so you already have it).

                      Go to this page and have a look at the samples:

                      Specifically the "Processing all fields on a form" example. It will be a good start for what you need to do.

                      You should also read this article:
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                        is this easier to use? i am not a programmer.
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                          Patrick Leckey Level 3
                          > is this easier to use?

                          Depends on your point of view. Your biggest learning curve is going to be getting comfortable with JavaScript. Which application you do that in is really six of one, half a dozen of the other.
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                            George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                            Since you have not done this before, I'd suggest not using Designer and using Acrobat instead to create the form fields. Designer is far more complicated and has a significantly steeper learning curve. There are options in Acrobat for summing fields that do not require custom scripts.