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    How to read out if a own created Menuitem is marked/checked

    ReinhardF Level 3
      I want to create a menuitem which can be checked or unchecked.

      Something like:
      // This example adds a submenu "One" to the top of the File submenu.
      // It has two additional menu items that display an alert message.
      app.addSubMenu({ cName: "One", cParent: "File" });
      app.addMenuItem({ cName: "Two", cParent: "One",
      cExec: "app.alert('Two', 3);"});
      app.addMenuItem({ cName: "Three", cMarked: "event.rc = true", cParent: "One",
      cExec: "app.alert('Three', 3);"});

      1. How can I read out in a latter script, if the menuitem is checked or not (true/fals).

      2. Can I set the menuitem via script to be checked or unchecked.

      best regards, Reinhard