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    problems creating fdf file on server

      Hope this is in the right place - if not, apologies please point me in the right direction.
      My hosts have kindly installed the FDF Toolkit on a Windows Shared Server but the script (using sample as is) is failing at this line

      Set outputFDF = FdfAcX.FDFCreate

      my hosts have followed up and report that the script is trying to create the fdf folder at C: (root) and not in the temp directory which is not allowed. Would anyone have any idea why this would be - is it a problem with the installation of the toolkit?

      Any help gratefully accepted as on a deadline with this and have much to learn !
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          Patrick Leckey Level 3

          This sounds like an installation problem with the toolkit, or an environment variable not set correctly. What are the values of the %TEMP% and %TMP% environment variables? Is the toolkit installed to run under your user account or some generic system account?
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            thank you for quick response. Have conferred with the guys who run my server and they say....

            Yes thats correct both versions of the temp environment (%TEMP% and %TMP%) are set to c:/temp/.
            We always set our servers up like that (Win 2003 Server). In fact its the default Win 2003 temp folder location.

            There are many other components on the server making use of that default temp environment without any issues, including other suppliers PDF COMs.
            and in response to the generic account question
            You calling the COM from a single user account (your unique IIS IUSR account). That account has full access to the Toolkit DLLs and also the Temp folder.
            does this shed any light ?