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    Auto Number

      Can anyone assist me. I am trying to add autonumbering to a form. Once a User launches this form I would like a the form number to increase by one. I would like to start the numbering at 100000 and have it increase.

      Thank you
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          The only way to have consistent unique numbering is to have a server set the sequence number. Ideally this is set once the form data is submitted to prevent issuing numbers that do not get used.

          Otherwise you can auto enter a sequence number based on the form's own URL which can be set by the web server.

          e.g. http://myserver.com/myform.pdf?12345

          When the form opens a JavaScript in the PDF can parse out the numbers following the "?" and assign them to a form field.

          If sequence numbering is performed independently on the client-side you will windup with duplicates....it really should be done server-side.
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            gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional
            You could use either a database to control the numbering or use a a global subscribed variable. There are many things to consider inlcuding which and how many users will need this number and when will the number be assigned and control over canceld or unused numbers.