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    Populate data from one field in a document to another field in another document.

      Hello everyone. I have 4 seperate PDF document's that will populate data fields in it using global value's. The first document is a Lease. Depending on the data entered into certain fields in this main document I would like to know if the following can be done.
      If a user fills out the lease and enters data that would require an adendum document(one of the other PDF forms that has fillable fields) can you then link the two PDF forms. In other words, If field (1a) is filled out with specific data on PDF document (A), then could it call PDF document (B) to be brought up and populated with various data from the first PDF document.
      I hope I explained that in plain terms. Have multiple PDF documents, but don't want to make them al part of one big document. Would be a huge waste of paper as not all PDF documents would be used for all users. I am using Adobe Acrobat Profesional 7.0. Thanks in advance.