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    Programmatically enable Reader users to save form data.


      In Acrobat there is a function that makes you able to allow Reader users to enter data in a form, and save it. Its used by going to advanced > Extend features in Adobe Reader.
      The form im using is only a template, and this works for that single form only, and since the form im using is only a template the extended features i activate in this way doens't work with the newly created ones created of the template.

      I'll explain a bit on what it is that my application is doing.
      My application is a webapplication created in .NET 2003 using vb.net and asp.net. The user will on one page fill in a formfield, that will be send to the template once a button is pressed. The form will then load up, with the data posted. Already here i get the error "You cannot save data typed in this form". This error doesnt show up on my developing machine, since i have Acrobat installed, but the others at the office hasn't got it, and they get the error. I can imagine that very few of our customers have Acrobat, so its vital that this will function properly.
      Anyway, as the error is shown, i cant type in anything in the form, making it really useless. It has been tested on more than 1 system.

      My question is; Can i some how set this properly programmatically in some way?
      When i am creating the forms programmatically i'm using ADCpdf, and i've tried with encryption.canFillForms = true, but that didnt work either.

      OS: XP pro
      Tools: VS .NET 2003, Abobe Acrobat 9 Pro.

      Any questions? Please ask.