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    Acrobat 9 Professional - Adding Spell Check before Printing


      As a new user and unfamiliar with how to manipulate Acrobat, please help me with setting up a form that automatically detects and alerts the user of spelling errors prior to printing or emailing. The form will be distributed to about 200 users so all settings may not all be automatically set in Adobe (e.g. spell checker box checked in preferences) among each user's Reader copy. But the idea is to make sure this form is completed without spelling errors, so how could the form be programmed for any or all of the following :

      1) The spell checking in preferences is automatically set to "checked" upon opening the form.

      2) The form has a PRINT and EMAIL button within it already. How would a script or whatever look like to first spell check the entire document prior to executing the print or email function?

      3) Could a pop-up window be added to alert of spelling errors during the previous process (#2)?

      Thank you.